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Events by ACE'd

I moved downtown close to 9 years ago and started discovering amazing local businesses. However, when I got together with my girlfriends we always ended up going to the tried, tested and true restaurants (don't get me wrong, some of these restaurants have amazing menus and happy hour specials, and I still go to them today).These restaurants menu's pleased everyone, generally had good parking and everyone knew what they were getting. I was persistent with my group of friends, and sometimes won them over to try out a new restaurant or do something out of our norm for get togethers.

After two years of looking for fun and unique experiences in Edmonton, I decided to create what I was looking for - - A Coral Experience (ACE'd). Events by ACE’d specializes in partnering with local businesses, either Edmonton based or Alberta based and making it easy for you to explore your city. My events are all - inclusive events; pay once, show up, and have an extravagant time. All the events I create or help organize, I ask myself... would I want to pay for this. The answer is always yes!!







I was introduced to event planning when I started working at the Windermere Golf & Country Club, and fell in love. I worked in the industry for ten years, before I obtained a job in the Government, however, found myself volunteering to organize team builds and planning nights out for my friends. I was missing planning, executing and working events, so I took a chance and created Events by ACE'd, and I have no regrets. My goal is to make every experience and event easy for the client. When I am not creating or brainstorming experiences, you can find me redecorating my condo, planning my next trip, exploring downtown and cuddling with my cats, Marvin & Monster. 




I began my career as the event planner at the Art Gallery of Alberta where I gained experience in weddings and corporate events. This played an integral part in my sparking my love for event planning. After that experience, I was lucky enough to land at the University of Alberta where I have had the continuing opportunity to plan a variety of national and international conferences along with other kick-ass events involving academia and community engagement. I also love social media, event branding, and volunteering on different boards in the YEG community.  Outside of work, I can be found enjoying craft beer, golfing, listening to podcasts, traveling and hanging with my partner Derrick and our pooch Keira.




Events by ACE'd is honoured to be ambassadors of Zebra Child Protection Centre. This centre, in the heart of Edmonton, houses a group of multi-discipline professionals working together alongside amazing volunteers to achieve one common goal; supporting children who have experienced abuse. They offer support and services to children, youth and their caregivers throughout the entire disclosure, investigative, judicial and healing process. 

At all our events, we will be collecting donations for Zebra. We are able to collect monetary donations and donations of brand-new toys/gifts for children and/or toiletries and items for young teens.. These donations will go directly to the children and youth Zebra is working with and be something they cherish. 

Donations are not a requirement at our events, but are definitely welcome.



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